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woman cross legged chin mudra hands

Chin Mudra

Mudras are the hand gestures used in yoga to facilitate the flow of energy through the body. You already do them in your yoga practice without even knowing! Each time you bring your hands together at the heart in your yoga class you are practising Anjali Mudra!

Chin mudra, also known as the consciousness seal, is one of the most easily recognisable mudras. The simple placing of thumb and index finger together. Most people do it without really knowing why they just know its what you do in meditation!

In this mudra, your index finger represents your individual consciousness and your thumb, universal consciousness. When they join, the limited self is able to connect with the limitless universe!

Why practise Chin Mudra

Using your Chin Mudra in meditation is said to

Help connect to our high self

Facilitate a sense of peace and calm

Helps alleviate dull energy

Lifts our mood and makes us feel positive

Improves concentration and stamina

Relieves stress and anxiety

Lets put it into practice

Sitting comfortably, place your hand’s palm up on your knees, gently placing thumb and index finger together

Close your eyes and spend a moment to sit with your breath.

Notice the soft connection between your thumb and index finger.

Bring your awareness back to your breath and allow yourself time to simply be here.

As you rest into your meditation, whenever you notice your thoughts drifting, bring your awareness back to this connection and sensation of touch.