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Empowerment Workshop

Looking back at your gratitude list we are going to dive in a little deeper and introduce other ways we can begin to cultivate a feeling of empowerment in daily life. Remember, this is a continual adventure not a one time project so these are things you need to keep coming back to and embracing.

We are going to do a reflective writing exercise to help us create our ’empowerment plan’. You will need a notebook, pen and a willingness to be honest with yourself. Here we go.

You may wish to start this exercise by listening to our short meditation, just so you feel relaxed and present.

What limiting self-beliefs do you have around your own abilities? A limiting belief is a story we tell ourselves about the boundaries of our own capabilities. Often, they come from other peoples narratives and not our own. Is there something you have told yourself you can not do that actually isn’t true? If so, acknowledge them and write it down.

What are your passions? Hobbies, interests or practices, list the things that really ignite your inner fire and excite you.

What are the elements of your life that you feel least in control of?
Allow yourself to sit and reflect on those responses for a few minutes and allow any feelings that they create to come forwards.
Let’s see what we can do about them.

Looking at what you view are your limiting beliefs, create an action plan list of ways that you can overcome any of them. Don’t be afraid to go wild with it and really think outside of your normal comfort zone. Chances are, empowerment sits just outside of what you normally find comfortable!

What are your passions? We undervalue the importance of how much more enriched our lives can be when we allow ourselves to indulge fully in our passions. Whether it’s travelling, yoga, painting, cycling or crochet if it brings you joy and excites you it is worth doing! How many of your passions do you embrace regularly? Think of ways you can do more of them and why it is you love them, what does it bring into your life?

We all have areas of our lives that we feel are more out of our own power and control and we need to appreciate that there are always things out of our control. However, we may be able to change and regain some power over how they affect us personally! What could you do to help feel like you have more personal power over these things? Chances are they are small but will create a significant change!


Lets Create an Action Plan

There’s nothing quite like a real plan of action to make you feel like you can take on the world! Using everything you have written and reflected on already often, having a plan, setting it into motion and seeing positive things come out of it is the most empowering thing you can do! Take action, take control and enjoy the accomplishment of your achievements.

Create a sheet like the one below. Something you can have in your daily view to keep you inspired and on track. We have got it started so you can see how it works

Empowerment Action

Start saving more money

Empowerment Plan of Action

Start keeping better spending records

Start making lunch at home for work

Open a savings account specifically for ‘FUN’ money!