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apples, green smothis, basil leaves apples, green smothis, basil leaves

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Ultimate Green Smoothie

So, here’s the thing about a great smoothie. It is so great that it is not an add on drink to your meal – it is the meal!

Juices and smoothies get a bit of a bad rep at times but its because we are treating them like a drink when really they are so much more. Packed with all the fibre, nutrients, vitamins and protein you need to start your day! if you get the balance right!

Here is a favourite of ours which is a high protein, iron and full of antioxidants.



1 banana

2 apples

2 large handfuls of spinach

juice 1/2 lemon

1 tablespoon hemp seed

Pinch ground cinnamon

250ml plant milk – oat or coconut work great!

Few ice cubes if you wish


How to make it

Prepare your ingredients. Chop the apples, squeeze the lemon and generally have everything ready to hand.

Add in all the ingredients making sure the liquids go in last so you do not risk overfilling and basically, causing a mess!

Whiz and blend until smooth.

Pour into a nice cold glass and drink straight away!