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Manifesting Abundance for the New Year | Adventure Yogi

Manifest Abundance for the New Year!


According to the principles of yoga, manifesting abundance in our lives is the result of cultivating a greater understanding of the Self. Self-realisation is the recognition of the sacredness within the ordinary, its recognition of the divine within the mundane, and the spirituality in the daily. It involves seeing the inherent value and gold in the moment, which doesn’t require seeking and searching but rather just seeing what has already always been there.

Through cultivating mindfulness, integrity, and authenticity, we recognise our role and responsibility in creating the life we lead. Instead of being unconsciously caught in the patterns of your own life, the intention of manifestation is to become conscious and an active participant in the life choices that arise.


So what is abundance and how do we manifest it?



1. Achieving personal greatness, that is egocentric.
2. Abundance is NOT getting what you want all the time. A lot of people get what they want but remain chronically dissatisfied because they have not aligned wanting with the true fullness of their being.
3. A race to see how much you can get done in a week, or in an ambitious 5-year plan.
4. Abundance is NOT the accumulation of goods; nor is it the unrealistic renunciation of material comforts.


1. Freedom.
2.  Fundamental wellbeing.
3. Abundance is a fulfillment that is not dependent on exterior conditions. Even in the most difficult circumstances of life, abundance is seeing the beauty and richness.
4. Learning to trust life. It is our faith in the goodness and wisdom of things that allow us to work our way through life’s darkest moments.
5. Abundance is a reality lived fully, being conscious, present, and whole. It is saying yes to all that you know of life – including the rubbish bits. It is also saying yes to that which we do not know, to open and accept the unknown with grace.

Yoga offers a well-tested framework that can inspire you to focus and move forward when things in life feel blocked and difficult.


8 Ways to Manifest Abundance


1. Accept Reality

And deal consciously with everything that is happening in your life wholeheartedly and non-judgmentally. This requires proper respect for your current reality and will lead you to accept situations and see them through to completion. In doing so, eventually, we will come to recognise the patterns in your life, the positive habits that propel you, and the negative habits that hold you back. With this insight, you can take the reigns and have the power to steer your own life.

2. Cultivate Trust

Trust in the creativity of life and the availability of infinite potential and also trust yourself so that you can open yourself, heart first, to ALL of the existence and let your experience of who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going expand. This requires fearlessness and being open and ready to say ‘Yes’ to anything new or uncertain.

3. Discipline

Making a routine is essential. Routine helps reinforce positive habits. and helps build patience, perseverance and persistence which are the key qualities to help move from a dream into action.

4. Be Grateful

Gratitude is more than sentiment. When you really allow gratitude to flow into your heart, you naturally want to give back, and all good things begin to naturally unfold.  When you become are of how your happiness depends on all the things other people have done for you, it increases your sense of appreciation.

5. Be Confident

If you have confidence in your life, you will be better able to envision your place in it and express it to others clearly, and when you meet resistance or things get difficult. Recall a specific time when you have felt self-confident and things going your way and embody this feeling on a regular basis.  

6. Be clear on your goals, write down your intention as a positive affirmation

Wherever you place your attention, energy is attracted so it is important to focus your attention and crystallise your goals. Become aware of your intentions.  Formalise them as positive, affirmative statements that resonate personally for you.

7. Cultivate Integrity

Recognise the importance and contribution of other people in our lives. This means going beyond egocentric desire and appreciating the value of other people and how our connection with others is what it’s really all about so by doing what we can to assist others, we help ourselves. When you honour your agreements it means you are taking your values and your responsibility to yourself and others seriously. This creates strong karmic bonds with others that nourish you and those around you.

8. Reflect upon the lessons you have learned from difficult times

Consider the times that you have been in a nightmare situation and what lessons you have learned from those times. Focus on what insights and skills that have been born in you from these moments. Open to what you have been afraid of because doing so releases powerful healing energy which brings you back into alignment.

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The Conclusion to manifesting abundance

Be open, trust in life, and your abilities and make decisions from the heart. It is important to recognise that your full potential is already present and manifesting abundance is just a means of tapping into this potential in order to turn dreams into reality.

Try out this framework and let us know how you get on!




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