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Rituals to Create the Perfect Morning | Adventure Yogi

Rituals. Just the word evokes a feeling of source and purpose.



Although we traditionally associate rituals with religious ceremony it can very be something far simpler. Essentially, something you do intentionally to enhance your experience each day. Honestly, chances are you already have your own little rituals! Those habits that make your day feel more complete and flow smoothly can be part of your ritual!

For us, the mornings and evenings offer the perfect time to create ritualistic habits that ensure self-care and personal wellbeing are a focus. So, here are some ideas for morning rituals to start your day the right way.


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Morning Rituals



Be Technology Free

We are all guilty of it! Without realising it we have created the habit of reaching for our smartphones from the moment we wake up. For most of us, our phones are also our alarm clocks and when you pick it up to turn it off, it’s just to easy to not put it down again! Especially when you notice you have messages, Instagram notifications and highlights to check. Create a ritual of peace for when you first wake up.


Ditch the phone alarm and go old-school with an actual alarm clock!

Allow your eyes and your mind time to stir gently into the waking world.

Keep your bedroom a phone-free zone and leave it downstairs to prevent temptation!

Don’t bombard yourself with news and images until you have to!



We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. When you wake up, your body is craving rehydration, even if you don’t feel lacking. This rehydration is not only a feel-good but also a ‘do good’ ritual! This act is a really great way to create a nourishing morning ritual!

For me, one of my morning rituals is to make a cup of tea and enjoy those 5 minutes of sitting with tea and thoughts to start the day. In winter, I take my tea back to bed and stay warm and toasty but if the weather allows, sit outside or on my yoga mat looking out of the window.It is a habit that feels so sacred to my day that it has become ritualistic, almost religious in its necessity. Give it a go! O, and don’t be tempted to pick up your phone and scroll while you do so!



Sit up in bed with a glass of water while your body and mind wake up properly.

Make a cup of tea or hot lemon/ ginger tea to gift your body something warm and nourishing.

Allow yourself the time to sit and enjoy it.

A great opportunity to practise mindfulness! Really absorb yourself into the experience and sensation of your ritual.




By now, we should all know that meditation is magical. Not only magical but also effective! Creating a meditation ritual can take a bit of practice but truly, it is the ultimate gift to your morning. To start, don’t think that you have to dress up, sit on your yoga mat and commit to long practice. Why not do it in bed before you get up? Or for two minutes while your tea cools down? Use meditation apps like HeadSpace or Insight Timer to enjoy guided meditations created specifically for the mornings. This is a great way when you are starting out! It doesn’t take long before you really start to notice a difference and soon, you will be hooked!


Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to meditate for ages! Even five minutes makes a difference!

Try and do it at the same time or specifically before/ after another morning ritual so it feels purposeful.

Use guided meditations and apps.




Now, this is a ritual that some people love and others just never get into. Journaling and writing can be a favourite morning ritual and again, it can be really simple! Bullet journaling, for example, is just writing shorthand sentences and single words that just take what is in your head out and on to paper. The best bit is it doesn’t have to make any sense to read back as it is all about just getting it out there! There are so many ways to do this, here are some of our favourites.



Spend two minutes meditating on how you feel and where your thoughts are lingering.

Bullet journal if you have woken up with lots on your mind.

Write a gratitude list or even meditate on what you feel thankful for.

Set an intention for your day. A word or short phrase that you can come back to through the day to keep you feeling on track!



Get Moving!

So, you have hydrated, meditated and reflected so now its time to get moving! Just like your meditation, don’t get caught up in thinking you have to dedicate loads of time. At the end of the day, five minutes is better than zero minutes. It’s always best to get your movement in before you eat so that may also factor in how long you have to wiggle around for. Morning movement gets your metabolism fired up, blood pumping and essentially, just makes you feel ready to take on the day!


Do an online yoga class or, just get on your mat and roll around! Whatever your body decides it wants and needs.

Go for a walk or run and combine movement with fresh air!

Do a short fitness class.

Create your own morning movement routine combining all the things that make you feel great!

HAVE FUN! It’s only a ritual if it brings you joy.





Create Your Morning Rituals

I know what you are thinking – when on earth am I meant to find the time to do all this in my morning! Well, here’s the real talk. If you want to have all the wonderful benefits that these morning rituals offer, then you have to prioritise them. Simple as that. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and MAKE TIME for them. Trust us, those 30 minutes indulging in wonderful rituals are of far more beneficial to you than 30 minutes extra sleep at that time and if you are concerned about less sleep, go to bed earlier!



So, let’s get you started on creating your own morning rituals!


To start, just pick one thing you want to really dedicate your time and energy into. It may be that it is something you already do but just want to treat with a more mindful approach! In time, you may find you naturally crave or introduce other elements into your morning ritual.


The big thing is to do what works for you. Your ritual needs to feel personal and purposeful to you and your needs. 



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